CEO / Managing Director


Mr. Surendra Giri

Dear Parents & Candidates

It is my proud privilege to introduce INDIRA INSTITUTE OF AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING PUNE, which is one of the leading Institutes in the Western region of India. The Prime concern of our Institute is to serve the Nation through its consistent efforts in turning a raw bunch of 12th standard Science and Polytecnic Diploma holding students into a qualified and best Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in the field of Civil Aviation Industry across the world.

We invite the young Boys and Girls to empower themselves by joining our Institute by gaining the quality education and training in the field of Aviation, by exposing themselves to the latest Aircraft Technologies, via sophisticated equipped laboratories, pressurized Heavy Aircraft Lear Jet 24 B powered by two turbo Jet engines, High-tech Avionics system and highly qualified Instructors. In recent years the numbers of Indian domestic passengers have grown at high rate, despite the recession in the economy as per the recent released statistics. Many International Airlines are voluntarily investing in the domestic airlines that seek the phenomenal growth in the Aviation Industry. The Indian regulations are being changed to be at par with International regulations. Indian Aircraft Maintenance Engineers will deserve even better place in International Aviation Employment sector. Due to tremendous developments there has been a heavy demand for qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in Aviation sector, but even today there is a shortage of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers in the Aviation field and this shortage will become more acute as more Airlines start operations. In near future the growth of Aviation Industry will be affected by the shortage of qualified AME’s.

I extend my warm greetings to all AME aspirants and welcome them to INDIRA INSTITUTE OF AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING, PUNE which will strive to develop the force of AMEs who would perfectly fit into the demanding and challenging environment of National and International standards.


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