On Job Training

As Per CAR SERIES “E” PART VIII On Job Practical Training is to be given to the AME students for a period of six months mostly in the last semester i.e VI. This training has to obtained from the organization who are approved by D.G.C.A. for maintenance work. The training has to be given as per Appendix V of CAR . Every year as per the requirement and availability we send our students for OJT in different organization.


Air India OJT Students

Student Name OJT Company
Meenakshi Mukund Gaikwad Air India Air India
Pratikraj Arun Shirsale Air India Air India
Priyanka Sham Gujar Air India Air India
Shajaji Shivaji Jadhav Air India Air India
Tejas Yogin Gurjar Air India Air India
Chandrashekhar Pimpalkar Air India Air India
Shruti J. Dikhale Air India Air India
Zakiya Sikandar Mulla Air India Air India
Pallavi Vilas Ravale Air India Air India
Ganesh Mehta Air India Air India
Akshay Uday Haldankar Air India Air India
Neha Janardan Shivale Air India Air India
Samadhan Vitthal Jagatap Air India Air India
Shankar Soudagar Thorat Air India Air India
Suraj Ramdev Yadav Air India Air India
Akshay Rajendra Todali Air India Air India
Nikhil Bharat Jadhav Air India Air India
Ashwini Ramesh Agale Air  India Air India
Madhura Vivekanand Upadhye Air India Air India
Mayur Bhausaheb Khamkar Air India Air India
Priyanka Bhaskar Bharade Air India Air India
Priyanka Chandrakant Darbhe Air India Air India
Sachin Shantaram Navale Air India Air India
Shruti Suresh Naik Air India Air India
Imaanuel Savio Pereira Air India Air India
Madhavi Sanjay Sawant Air India Air India
Madhuri Dhananjay Sawant Air India Air India
Velron Clive Pereira Air India Air India
Sagar Yadav Aher Air India Air India
Akash Sameer Kardak Air India Air India
Dipak Subhash Jadhav Air India Air India
Aniket Anand Kachare Air India Air India
Ashok Vishnu Devdhe Air India Air India
Mayur Suresh Mahadik Air India Air India
Praful Balabhau Deshmukh Air India Air India
Tushar Sunil Borate Air India Air India
Vikas Nitin Misal Air India Air India
Mohit Pandurang Salunkhe Air India Air India
Rupesh Jaysing Hambir Air India Air India
Sheetal Rathva Air India Air India
Suraj Raju More Air India Air India

Indamar OJT Students

Students Name OJT Company
Amol Sahebrao Gaikwad Indamer indmer
Pavan  Uday Kapure Indamer indmer
Sampada Digambar Shete Indamer indmer
Tejasweeni Hanmant Pharande Indamer indmer
Prasad Padmakar Kankal Indamer indmer
Priyanka Ramrao Pawar Indamer indmer
Pooja Dhyaneshwar Shirsath Indamer indmer
Komal Balasaheb Tambe Indamer indmer
Snehal Balasaheb Pawar Indamer indmer
Rohan Vijay Mane Indamer indmer
Sadhana Shivlingrao Patil Indamer indmer
Swapnil Sameer Pawar Indamer indmer
Tejas Ramchandra Shinde Indamer indmer
Nilam Dinkar Babar Indamer indmer
Yogeshwar Valmik Deshmukh Indamer indmer
Jayshree Subhash Panmand Indamer indmer
Renuka Ravindra Deshmukh Indamer indmer
Sampada Balu Kedari Indamer indmer
Priyanka Rajendra Luke Indamer indmer
Atul Ajit More Indamer indmer
Augusteen Anand Mareddi Indamer indmer
Ujjawal Kumar Indamer indmer
Shubham Ashok Gaikwad Indamer indmer

Other OJT Students

Student name OJT Company
Shreyanshkumar Dipakkumar Jain Go Airlines vectra
Pavan Mahadev Lakangire Global  Vectra vectra
Rahul Deep Global  Vectra vectra
Sumitra Angad Mote Global Vectra vectra
Anuja Shrikant More Global Vectra vectra
Tanuja Balaso Jadhav Global Vectra vectra
Akshay Suresh Patil Global Vectra vectra
Akshay Kumar Pandgale Global Vectra vectra
Pooja Jayram Waghmare Global Vectra vectra
Prithviraj Anil Lahare Global Vectra vectra
Shubham Prabhakar Kamble Global Vectra vectra
Haseem Mujib Pirjade Global Vectra vectra
Pradnya Parisa Chougule Global Vectra vectra
Akshay Anil Narkhede Innovative Aviation vectra
Akshay Suresh Kamble Innovative Aviation vectra
Sohail Khan Innovative Aviation vectra
Sagar Ashok Kate Saraya Aviation vectra
Satish Ashok Pare Saraya Aviation vectra
Ashish Kailash Pustode Saraya Aviation vectra
Piyush Ramesh Rampurkar Saraya Aviation vectra
Vijay Annasaheb Bhosale Saraya Aviation vectra
Amol Kabaji Vare Saraya Aviation vectra
Sonali Pitambar Farkunde Saraya Aviation vectra
Vinayak Ghanashyam Shere Saraya Aviation vectra
Vipin Memane Saraya Aviation vectra

Scope of Jobs in Airlines


  • Trainee Maintenance
  • Junior Technician
  • Technician
  • AME Trainee
  • AME

Planning Logistics and Material (PLM)

  • Trainee PLM
  • Junior Technical officer(PLM)
  • Assistant Technical officer(PLM)
  • Technical officer(PLM)
  • Manager (PLM)

Quality Assurance and Technical Services

  • Trainee (QATS)
  • Junior Technical officer(QATS)
  • Assistant Technical officer(QATS)
  • Technical officer(QATS)
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