Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers play a Major role among the Maintenance personnel to keep the Aircraft ’Airworthy’ at all times. No civil Aircraft registered in India can be operated without being certified as Airworthy by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s holding AME licenses in the respective categories. The maintenance of modern sophisticated aircrafts calls for high degree of technical knowledge, competence, proficiency & integrity on the part of the concerned personnel. Tremendous responsibility lies upon the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who are certifying the modern sophisticated Aircraft’s, manned by experienced crew trained at high cost and great care carrying the precious load of ever increasing number of passengers.

The Program

The program consists of 3 Years (6 Semesters) of fulltime course. Approximately 50 % of the day is spent on theory discussions in a classroom sessions followed by hands-on practical training in the shops and hangar located at our college campus. The program is designed to follow National/International standards. Theoretical classes followed by practical on workshop practices, laboratory procedures, calibration testing and other instrumentation tests as well as ground running and servicing of engines, airframes and systems. At the end of each semester examination is conducted by the Institute.It is essential to score 75% in each subject to pass the examinations (Rule as specified by DGCA). It is mandatory for the student to attend minimum 90% of classes in every semester to be eligible to appear in semester exam and promotion to next semester. The basic knowledge examination is conducted by DGCA thrice a year (march, july and november).

Career / Job Prospects

After successful completion of AME course, the student have wide opportunities of employment either in Government Owned Airlines, Private Airlines and Maintenance & Repair Organization (MRO) in India and abroad.

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