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What you mean by Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course?

This is a highly rewarding and job-oriented technical course for 10 + 2 science students and 2 years Diploma holders leading to issue of licence from Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Govt. of India for maintaining aeroplanes as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. The training institute and the course both are approved by the DGCA, Govt. of India.

Who is Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

He is the sole person responsible for the maintenance, repair and overhauling of aircraft, aero-engines, instruments, electrical and radio navigation equipments and their accessories. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer issues the Certificate of Release to Service which declares the aircraft airworthy and fit for flying. It is regulatory that unless such certificate is signed by AME no aircraft is permitted to be flown.

What is the role of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in aviation?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is a person responsible for the up-keep of the aircraft, by carrying out maintenance on it, to the standard of National and International Regulatory Authority.

How Can I become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Desirous candidates having passed minimum 10+2 standard with aggregate of 50% marks in Physics and Mathematics; or a two years diploma in engineering; or a higher qualification in science with Physics and Mathematics shall have to undergo successfully the Two Years AME course approved by DGCA and subsequently pass the AME Licence Examinations conducted by DGCA every year in the month of March, July and November followed by practical cum oral test.

Can a B. E. (Aeronautical) degree holder become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Any person possessing degree in any branch of Aeronautical Engineering desires to work an AME should have AME licence issued by DGCA (Govt. of India) for which he/she has to acquire practical experience in aviation as stipulated in Civil Aviation Requirements and pass the AME licence papers conducted by the DGCA thereafter.

What is the pattern & duration of Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Course?

The training period of this course is of two years covered in four semesters of four month each.

Is there any age limit to pass the AME licence examination, to get employment and retirement as well?

There is no age limit for passing AME licence examination, getting employment, and retirement.

What is the un-employment ratio of AME compared to others?

The demand of AME Licence holder is such that very few are unemployed as compared to other technical course.

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