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General Rules For Students - IIAE

General Rules For Students of IIAE:

1. Admission Based On Documents
  • All admissions are made on the basis of the information furnished in the Application Form and the supported documents submitted by the applicants. If found, false and/or misleading information if any, shall make him/her ineligible for Admission to/or discontinuing the AME Course and subsequent disciplinary action, considered necessary by the appropriate authorities, will be taken. Whatever the fees paid will have to be forfeited in such cases.
  • Every applicant will have to get himself/ herself medically examined by a Registered Medical Practitioner (holding at least MBBS degree) and Medical Fitness & Colour Vision Certificate on prescribed form and must be produced along with the completed application form.
2. Possession Of Books
  • It is a regulation of the DGCA that each AME student must possess once personal copies of the core books on the subjects.
  • The books may be purchased by the student(s) directly from the distributor or they may seek the assistance from the institute. Student must have their own books within one month from the date of admission.(Note: Other books, as recommended by DGCA, for the course are also available in the institute library and may be borrowed the same as per the library rules).
3. Personal Tool Kits
  • Each student shall maintain his/her own tool kit for practical work.
  • The student shall have to purchase a basic tool kit at the time of commencing the first semester.
  • The basic tool kit shall have to be incremented at each successive semester so that they shall have full tool kit to undertake field work on aircraft during the final semester.
4. Attendance
  • Students must occupy themselves in respective classes, at least five minutes, before commencement of the class.
  • Students shall not leave the class or be absent unless prior permission sought from respective Batch in-charge/ instructor.
  • Regular absenteeism should be avoided. No subject portion/topic shall be repeated in which one is absent.
  • Student should have been present for at least 90% of the training period without which one is allowed to appear in the semester examination. NO RELAXATION IN THIS REGARD BE GIVEN WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION OF DGCA.
5. Discipline & Conduct
  • Students will be governed by the rules & regulations laid down by the institute and amended from time to time.
  • Disciplined & decent behavior is expected within the institute campus and hostel as well.
  • Smoking, Tobacco chewing, consumption of alcohol, intoxicants or sedative drugs in the institute premises and hostel is forbidden. Action against offenders will be initiated as per the law.
  • Possession and/or use of mobile phone during class hours is prohibited. Seizure of mobile phone or penalty or both shall be applicable, if one is found guilty.
  • Student shall have to pay for damages made to the institutional property.
  • Student shall be expelled out if found one is involved in anti-social, anti-national or illegal activities
  • Any change(s) to the information furnished in the application form shall have to be intimated without delay.
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